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Sharing A Love of Knowledge

Our group Calmbirth program is held at Body Mind Flow studio in Camden. Sun soaked, open and comfortable. You will feel at home and completely at peace while you immerse yourself learning the psychology and physiology of birth, tools for your labour and birth and conscious parenting. 

Morning tea provided, with an hour lunch break to enjoy at a local cafe on the main street of Camden. 

The Calmbirth® program is founded on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics; and uses the extensive understanding of the relaxation response and its influence on birth. Approximately 35,000 couples have attended a Calmbirth course since its inception in 2004.

Calmbirth® is a stand-alone program that understands the mind-body connection in childbirth and how a woman’s emotional state influences the birth both mentally and physically. There is no haphazard placement of birth strategies that ‘just seem to work’.

As a result, Calmbirth® has been recognised by the birthing institutions as one of the most holistic, thorough, unbiased and collaboratively designed course that addresses all the needs of birthing couples on an emotional and physical level. The Calmbirth® organisation has been the first to create and consolidate strong partnerships with private and public maternity hospitals in Australia in successfully incorporating the Calmbirth® program into their antenatal structure.

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Sharing A Love of Knowledge

Groups are great, but if you've done Calmbirth before, or are just looking for the one : one feel in your own cozy home, on your own cozy couch, with your own cozy tea, then maybe a private workshop is what you are after. If this is you, Hi, I see you.

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Pat & I could not thank Jess enough for her knowledge. Nothing in the world can fully prepare you for the birthing experience but going in with the knowledge and positive headspace was so extrememly helpful. Our labour at home was everything I imagined it would be and the crisis of confidence is absolutely real but with some amazing support from Pat and our beautiful midwife, I was able to get through and birth our beautiful girl Rosie. So thank you Jess for what you ave taught us and for having such as massive impact on our first birthingh experience.
Aimee & Pat

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